Morelli Giugni
Farm & Winery

“We believe that love and respect for our land are the most essential forms of art and each of us is daily committed to the fulfilling of this dream!“

A unique tuscan experience

Driven by the love and respect for nature and traditions, the Morelli-Giugni family moved to the country farmhouse of their grandparents Ezio and Tosca 30 years ago, where they now produce a totally natural and hand-processed oil according to traditional methods, as well as the firewood, which belongs to the typical Mediterranean scrub and is selected in total respect of the environment.

Cristiano and Gabriella have been raising their family in this beautiful territory, and are at present managing the farm and the villa as a holiday destination, assisted by their daughter Annalisa. Their son Alessandro is a winemaker, who inherited the passion for this land and its fruits: combining tradition and innovation, he has planted new vineyards and selects natural and genuine wines from the Chianti area.

The combination of a well-being philosophy and the desire to offer guests a unique ‘Tuscan experience’ led to the development of an organic concept of agriculture, hospitality, gastronomy, wine, olive oil and natural products.

Extra virgin olive oil +500

Our olives grow at an altitude of 500 MASL. The altitude protects them from parasites attacks, allowing us to obtain a traditionally and completely hand-processed, natural and high quality oil, starting from the manual field harvesting of olives, which are carefully selected and cold-pressed within a few hours from the harvest, in order to keep all the organoleptic properties of the fruits.


Winemaking requires a lot of sacrifice and patience, along with a great technical preparation, and can be produced only if driven by strong passion, authentic interest in nature and love for the land. Alessandro, our oenologist, grew up with these ideals, which represent his life and family company philosophy. That’s why the wines he produces and selects are genuine, sincere and round, just like his personality.


Our woods, typical of the Mediterranean scrub, are composed by broad-leaved trees such as oaks and holly oaks; we get our firewood from there, respecting the forest and the environment. This strong wood burns more slowly, with lower flames, and it’s highly recommended for domestic heating, as it guarantees a longer burning life. The strawberry tree provides instead an excellent charcoal and a strongly aromatic firewood, much appreciated for preparing roasts or pizzas in a wood oven.